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 Banned for no reason

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45kg of weed

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PostSubject: Banned for no reason   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:51 pm

so jew cake has an admin password, so he gets on it and spawns fuckload of things, and he shares with other people.. and his other account, diebitchdie, also check his banks... he is stacked.. he who is an irl friend with cancer, did not like me because he is jewish... and so he and his butt buddy decide to ban me for no reason...

also cancer was pking with diamond bolts, and i ended up owning his black ass hole and i got some diamond bolts , now they banned me because i wouldnt give it back(which i pked so...) yeah this is totally jewish man i need some love man... unban me plz bounce im waiting... Razz
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darkerz Manz

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PostSubject: Agreed!!!   Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:48 am

Staff laugh's at us when we lose our shit and cry a little bit about it. Yet when they lose their shit they auto bann. WTF! Dude I agree with you this is fucking bullshit. 2/5 of my accounts were banned. NO REASON! this server is fucking dieing cause the staff is shitty. ONly good staff member is Bwuk Im tb (I think thats his name). Cancer and some others need to be demoted untill they can prove themselfs of their admin status. I should be admin. I totaly know how to handle the power. I've been owner/co owner/admin/mod/hidden admin before. So I know how to handle the power. I got 6 people who will stand by me for me to get admin.


Sindumb (Best acc)
Kenste (Best pure)
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Banned for no reason
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