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 Applying for staff

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darkerz Manz

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PostSubject: Applying for staff   Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:59 am

Ok so recently staff isent doing alot to help the game. Few players have been hacking + xteleing us to deep wildy. So I wanna take charge.

Im applying for Ingame Admin.
Also applying for Forum Mod


I've been Owner/Co-Owner/Hidden Admin/Admin/Mod on many servers so I know how to handle the power and not abuse it. I was mod in rs before but I gave it up because rs gave up wild. But I know how to handle the power. THE WONDERFUL POWER!!! Razz But yeah I wanna take charge cause the other staff members arent doing much. People are getting hacked + xteled by non staff members + banning with out staff + Duping. Im geting sick of it and most of the staff members are just letting it go. I HATE DUPERS AND HACKERS!! So read my app and hope to have staff. I got 6 people who will follow me for admin.
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Applying for staff
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