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 3rd Firecape lost cause of DC

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PostSubject: 3rd Firecape lost cause of DC   Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:27 pm

So i've lost 3 firecapes so far.. i didnt care for the first cause it wasn't bad.. Second one annoyed me cause i lost torso with it.. but now.. i lost my third firecape and im annoyed cause i just got it back last night.. So i would like to say i want something in return for my loses.. or im pretty much done.. and i'll find an easier way of getting my 50 kills back for my cape.. cause this is bull.. Set it so when you die you don't lose your nontradables or something cause im sure im not the only one who has lost firecape cause of this..

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3rd Firecape lost cause of DC
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